Nov 1, 2008

Obama Obama Obama Obama

I will vote for Obama because he seems ready to learn from his own mistakes, the mistakes of his party, and from the mistakes of all past presidents (including LBJ, Carter, and of course GW "Disaster" Bush).

Because he ran a very good, steady campaign.
Because he is young.
Because he is educated.
Because he started in life from absolutely nothing.
Because with him as president there will be no excuse for any African-American not to do their best to better themselves.

And because I am fed up with republicans' incompetence. Lies. Corruption. Hypocrisy. Extremism. Bible thumping. Gay bashing. The manipulation of the uneducated. The stupid "trickle down" economy concept. The transfer of the public wealth to the wealthiest Wall Street fat cats - talk about socialism (:-).

If using SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION PUBLIC money to buy worthless bad assets from greedy Wall Street PRIVATE banks is not socialism then the USSR was the most capitalist country in history and we should have Karl Marx looking at us from our $20 bill.

I know that an Obama presidency will be difficult. Democrats have their crooks too. With the economy put on life support by 8 long and miserable years of republican incompetence and corruption, it wil take years to recover. But we have no alternative. An old man who has better odds to not finish a 4-year term and an empty-headed beauty contest bimbo could be good material for a comedy show but thet are not fit for the White House.

McCain quote:

"I really didn't love America until I was deprived of her company ..."

This is the guy who attacks Obama for similar patriotic (yes, they are patriotic) comments.


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