Nov 11, 2008

Pittsburgh KDKA Target Audience: Assisted Living Delusional Senior Citizens

I get my world news from CNN, BBC, AP, WDUQ and many other online sources (i.e. Asia Times). For the local news I go to KDKA radio. When the WDUQ station broadcasts bad jazz, I switch to KDKA - nothing makes me laugh like those Limbaugh-status aspiring talk show hosts.

And among them, Kevin Miller (The Round Mound Of Sound) is a special case. But he is a shoe-in for his audience: very old people in assisted living centers who lost their minds long ago. Just imagine this: in the vaning days of the 2008 presidential campaign, most callers were opening with a declaration like this: I am a lifelong democrat but I will vote this year for the republican ticket.

This after 8 long and miserable years of the most incompetent republican administration ever! The darkest period in America's modern history started with a few ragtag idiots with box cutters attacking the Pentagon (for God's sake, USSR couldn't do that!), destroying the Twin Towers (symbol of America's financial might), and killing almost 3,000 people and ended with the American economy on life support, facing the most serious depression since The Great One almost a century ago.

Oh, forgot to mention that between these two disasters framing the George W Bush presidency, there were corruption, an unnecessary war-of-choice in Iraq with tens of thousands of children, women, and innocent men killed, abysmal incompetence in government response to the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina, torture, Abu Ghraib, arrogance, lies, disregard for expert advice, God crap, biggest government ever (under "small government" republican leadership!), biggest deficit ever (under a "financially conservative" president), biggest bankruptcies ever, lowered international status, and I have to stop here because it is not worth my time to keep writing about all this republican-made mess.

Yeah, lifelong democrats voting just this year for the republican ticket (that strange pair with the old, old guy and the empty-headed second-place beauty contest bimbo).

Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaa!

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