Nov 2, 2008

Democrat my azz!

"If Senator John McCain defies the polls and wins Pennsylvania, it will be in part because of voters like Harry Klemash, 67, a Democrat who supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the primary but is still not comfortable with Senator Barack Obama." Read article in New York Times

Yeah right! Like all those callers to the conservative talk shows on AM radio. Old people with an obviously limited education (to put it delicately) dclare with trembling voices that they are all democrats who voted all their lives democratic but this year they will vote republican. It's as if all those thousands of excited republicans who were calling the same AM radio stations in 2004 have lost their minds and now pretend to be lifelong democrats.

Democrat voting republican in November 2008 - yeah, it makes sense. After all, it was the most incompetent administration in the American history that brought the American economy to its knees. A REPUBLICAN administration. A failed REPUBLICAN president. Under his watch, a SOCIALIST purchase of bad/toxic assets - USING 700 BILLIONS OF PUBLIC MONEY - was made. To make it easier to understand for the flea-brained republicans, PUBLIC WEALTH WAS TRANSFERRED TO THE POCKETS OF GREEDY WALL STREET FAT CATS.

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaa. Talk about republican moral values!

No need to apologize for the disaster you brought upon America by choosing Bush over McCain in the 2000 GOP primary and voting for that clown two more times in November 2000 and 2004.

On November 4th 2008, please be the patriots you claim to be and, for the sake of this country, stay home!

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