Nov 2, 2008

Arlen Specter, A Republican Scumbag

"There are a "couple of hidden factors" in this election, said Specter. "The first is that people answer pollsters one way, but in the secrecy of the ballot booth, vote the other way."
Yes. That is what he said, to a chorus of hopeful affirmation. Arlen Specter was openly -- in public, into a microphone -- crossing his fingers, and hoping for racism." Read entire article at

Arlen Specter: never a bright politician. Oh, the moral values republicans. The abject smear machine. The small government guys -> the republican president named GW Bush ran the biggest government in the history of the USA. The fiscal conservative guys -> the same incompetent-in-chief brought upon this country the biggest deficit ever - after receiving from the previous president Clinton, a democrat the largest budget SURPLUS in history.

If any foreign individual would have done this to our country, that person would have been declared ENEMY OF THE STATE! But since he is our current president, we are supposed to just get over it.

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