Nov 1, 2008

That Fateful Year 2000

"On the Friday before the 2000 election, Americans woke to another headline that dominated the dwindling days: The night before, Bush acknowledged that he had been arrested for driving under the influence in 1976 in Maine.
Portland, Maine, television station WPXT, which had been covering an unrelated matter at the local courthouse, broke the story.
Aides to the then-Texas governor debated how to respond to the report and worried that it would reinforce the perception among many voters that he was a lightweight and a party boy late into adulthood." (read more at CNN)

Well, eight long, nightmarish years later that perception is now a documented fact.

The grandiosely titled "republican revolution" has just met its demise in 2008 with a socialist use of public money (by an inept republican administration) to buy worthless bad assets from PRIVATE banks. It's like transfering the wealth from the American nation to a few fat cats on Wall Street.

Well done!

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