Nov 5, 2008

America Still Waiting For Republicans' Apologies

The United States of America still waiting for apologies from the republican party for eight long and miserable years of incompetent republican leadership.

For bringing down the formerly "most prosperous economy on Earth".

For asking for and using PUBLIC money (all $700 billion) to buy PRIVATE worthless / toxic assets, a clear redistribution of wealth from nation's coffers to the pockets of the Wall Street fat cats. Stalin used to call this SOCIALISM!

For the abysmal government response to the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina.

For an unnecessary war in Iraq, wasting about $10 Billion per month over more than 5 years.

For the destruction of America's international standing through inept policies, support of torture, and a total disregard for the needs of other nations.

For Stevens, Abramoff, Libby, Cunningham, and all other crooks and liars.

For attempting to bring an empty-headed bimbo with second-place beauty contest tricks as foreign policy experience to the office of the VPOTUS (vice president of the United States).

For smearing a great hero like McCain in 2000 (while choosing the monument of incompetence called George W Bush), only to embrace him eight years later as the GOP candidate from a field of radical, extremist, fanatic, compromised republicans.

America is still waiting for the republican "patriots" to finally be patriotic:

Just apologize and get over it!

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