Nov 1, 2008

The Godless Americans

"The race for North Carolina's Senate seat has become one of the ugliest in the country ... Dole sparked a firestorm last week with a TV spot accusing Hagan of accepting money from Godless Americans Political Action Committee, a New Jersey-based group that promotes rights for atheists and the separation of church and state ... Dole, who speaks often about prayer and faith, is gambling her re-election bid by raising religion in the campaign's final days against Hagan, a Presbyterian church elder who teaches Sunday school ... The latest from North Carolina pollsters indicates that Sen. Elizabeth Dole is trailing even further behind Democratic rival Kay Hagan in a seeming backlash against the incumbent's "Godless" ad" (quotes from - read the entire article here)

It seems to me that the Godless Americans want to keep the God issue from interfering with the governing system in this country. What's wrong with that?

Take any Vatican Pope and reborn it again in the Middle East - he'd probably be right now drinking tea with Osama Bin laden plotting the killing of all Christians. Or at the least, he would think that Islam is the true religion and Christians are just fools.

Look at that Sen(ile?) Dole. Is her religious way better than the Presbyterian's one? Or maybe she involuntarily makes the point that ANY indoctrination is bad for everyone?

I grew up under communists and (thank God! (:-)) skipped the religious indoctrination. Just look at these religious and bigoted American zombies. Fortunately, during all those horrific years, Radio Free Europe (hint, hint) helped me and many others to also skip the communist indoctrination. I don't have anything against religious people, after all religion has sometimes an undeniable positive influence (many convicted killers are born again Christians in jails around the country). But don't try to shove it down my throat PLEASE!

I am a normal person, I work, I think, I have friends (many of them religious individuals), I love this country as much as you do (maybe even more since I grew up under an awful communist regime and I can appreciate at true value the greatness of this nation). Why do I have to pray to some piece of stone or painting? My three daughters are now in high school - they like science and real history ... there was no way they would believe the stories in the bible. There you go, three more godless Americans.

Did I go to a church and asked everyone inside to forget about their God? No.

Again, just think of it: if you, the reader, were not born in the Land Of The Free but in Iran, do you really think that you'd be the christian you are now (or whatever religion you believe in)?

To me, the real, true believers are those people who refuse the medical care (brought to a medical office near any of us by the real Science) even when it would help them live 20 years more! They just pray to their God and most of the times die quickly. (of course I think that it is awful).

The church used to kill the founders of the medical profession who tried to use cadavers to learn about the workings of the human body. How ironic that the last Pope benefited of the latest medical breakthroughs until his last breath!

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