Nov 4, 2008

World Celebrates American Republicans' Defeat

Obama is America's hope, and ours too!

"Though bombarded by a blizzard of last-minute negative advertising that should shame the Republican party, American voters held their nerve and elected Barack Obama as their new president to succeed George Bush." (Great Britain, The Guardian)

A great lesson for the whole world! (Le Figaro, France)

America has chosen: Barack Obama president: Change has arrived! (Italy, Corriere della Sera)

Historic Victory! (Germany, Deutsche Welle)

Barack Obama swept to victory! (Japan, JapanToday)

Obama has won a historic US presidential election (India, Asia Times)

Obama proclaims new dawn of leadership (Australia, The Australian)

Ugandans welcome Obama's victory (Africa, Panafrican News Agency)

Kenya celebrates Obama victory, declares national holiday (Africa, Panafrican News Agency)
"Barack Obama’s election offers most non-Americans a sense that the imperial power capable of doing such good and such harm — a country that, they complain, preached justice but tortured its captives, launched a disastrous war in Iraq, turned its back on the environment and greedily dragged the world into economic chaos — saw the errors of its ways over the past eight years and shifted course.
They say the country that weakened democratic forces abroad through a tireless but often ineffective campaign for democracy — dismissing results it found unsavory, cutting deals with dictators it needed as allies in its other battles — was now shining a transformative beacon with its own democratic exercise." (read entire article at

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