Nov 10, 2008

Clinton County, Ohio Voted TWICE For G.W. Bush

November 10, 2008: DHL job cuts devastate Ohio community

"... more than 8,000 employees are facing layoffs after DHL announced it will close its hub in Wilmington, Ohio."

""They're taking away everything from me, my family, my friends -- this whole town," DHL employee Sherry Barrett said as she wept during an interview."

Yeah, me too. And I blame those morons who "connected" with Bush and voted for him even when, after the first term, it was obvious that the guy was a fraud in terms of presidential skills.
Maybe Sherry Barrett, her family, and her friends voted Bush? Clinton County, Ohio went republican in 2000 and 2004.

What the most incompetent REPUBLICAN administration ever brought us? Two badly mismanaged wars (includes the unnecessary Iraq war, "war of choice"), a crippling recession, incredible corruption levels, the biggest bankruptcies ever, the biggest deficit ever, the biggest government ever, and a SOCIALIST purchase of worthless PRIVATE assets from Wall Street banks using PUBLIC money - Stalin would not have done it better!

Still waiting for at least 50 million apologies from those who, by voting twice for Bush, brought this country to its knees.

"Huge job cuts devastate Clinton County, Ohio."

Well, who cares? After all, those morons voted TWICE for the guy who actually put the economy on life support. I wouldn't shed a tear if those republican Ohio counties that have voted for (can't-wait-to-go-to-my-ranch-and-leave-all-this-mess-behind) president Bush have their economies wiped off from the "free market, no regulation, trickle down" economic map.

Now, the same REPUBLICAN counties are asking the central government for help. Yeah, those less-government-more-free-market dumbos have had enough of it and would like some big-brother government help. How ironic is that?

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