Nov 5, 2008

Vak Is Back ...On Looney Street

Robert Novak (or Bob) is back!

This Jewish - turned - Romano Catholic (at age 67) can not stop from making a fool of himself:

October 29, 2008
"Sen. John McCain is not facing a blowout. Barring a last-minute Obama surge, McCain will post respectable numbers in the popular vote and the Electoral College. A McCain victory is not out of the question."

Reality Check, November 4th, 2008:

Electoral Votes*: 349 Obama to 163 McCain (difference: 186!)
(* MO and NC still processing)
Compare to George "Nukelar" W Bush in 2004: 286 Bush to 252 John Kerry (difference: 34)
Compare to Incompetent-In-Chief's 271 to Gore's 266 in 2000 (difference: 5)

In Republican language, black is white, good is bad, and incompetent is priceless.

Probably Novak is looking for a job on the stand-up comedy circuit.

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