Nov 11, 2008

KDKA Has A Round Mound Of Nothing

KDKA Radio with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a few AM talk shows, some worse than others. Republican cheerleading, a libertarian, a God-knows-what-is-he-supporting host, and a few other syndicated shrill talkers.

Among them, Kevin Miller stands out as the guy who is either completely idiot or ready to eat any s**t as long as he gets paid for doing so. I doubt that his IQ is as low as it seems on the show, despite the fact that his wife has left him, he failed as a teacher (or maybe he spared a lot of children from receiving a bad education), and he is a really huge round mound of fat. With a small head. Check his photos here.

He likes to call himself the round mound of sound. If you listen to his show (although I guarantee that you will regret wasting your time doing that), one would come up with a slight modification: round mound of noise.

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Round Mound Of Lard said...

I used to listen to KDKA radio, but since they brought in Kevin Miller the programming is of a lower quality.

That guy was a teacher in Akron, Ohio? Then financiar advisor or assistant to a millionaire? Then a screaming right wing fat nut on air?