Nov 1, 2008

McCains' Own Spread The Wealth Comment

"Seven years ago, as Brokaw pointed out, McCain himself was sounding redistributionist, complaining about President Bush's tax cuts. Campaigning against Bush in 2000, he said that "when you ... reach a certain level of comfort, there's nothing wrong with paying somewhat more." Obama has said no more than this, except to set the "level of comfort" at $250,000, which is pretty comfortable. " (read more at TIME)

But hey, he's an old man. He forgets where he is. He should look for a place in a senior care center instead of driving us crazy with that bimbo after him. Just check this really awful interview with Palin. Or make a Google search for "palin couric interview video" and die of laughter!

Or check her phone conversation with French president Sarkozy.

Holy s**t! And this dumb beauty contest material has a shot at the presidency of the United States of America? I love this country!

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