Nov 5, 2008

Palin's Tears: Losing The Beauty Contest AGAIN

Poor Sarah ... November 4th 2008 was supposed to be - finally - the day of her coronation. Last time she finished so close - second place in the Miss Alaska '84 beauty contest. Now, 28 years later, the first place seemed so close ... she could feel it ... dream it ... with a little help from her god she could wake up on Novemebr 5th as elected vice president of the USA.

And it seemed to be as easy as in 1984. No hard work required. No experience required. No brain required. Just make sure that you look good. Wink a lot, especially when Wurzelbacher The Plumber is present. Talk nonsense. Smile. Be funny. Folksy. "Connect" a lot with those low IQ zombies at the core of the conservative religious movement.

Unfortunately, the American nation was not in the mood to put another airhead in high office after the abysmal years of the most incompetent republican administration in modern history.

It was too soon after a can't-wait-to-be-out-of-here inept republican administration has just made a SOCIALIST purchase of PRIVATE worthless / toxic assets from greedy Wall Street banks using PUBLIC money (a lot of it, $700 billion). Stalin would not have done it better.

Alaska, take her back and spare us the drama!

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