Nov 21, 2008

News for the vitamin popping zombies out there: YOU ARE STUPID!

A large clinical trial of almost 15,000 male doctors taking vitamins E and C for a decade showed no meaningful effect on cancer rates.

Another recent study found no benefit of vitamins E and C for heart disease.

In October 2008, a major trial studying whether vitamin E and selenium could lower a man’s risk for prostate cancer ended amidst worries that the treatments may do more harm than good.

And recently, doctors at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York warned that vitamin C seems to protect not just healthy cells but cancer cells, too.

I am an engineer and have my common sense with me (almost) all the time (:-)
Saved about $40,000 by not buying the crap sold at drug stores and vitamin shops and by not seeing my doctor for almost 9 years ... and I'm doing well. No smoking, 2 glasses of wine daily, eat only full-fat butter (French), I like beef, pork, and most other meats, and drink only whole milk (rarely). Beer too.

Do you really need a study to tell you that you don't need to take those stupid vitamins? I mean, one glass of orange juice is taking you over the top on vitamin C. One glass of milk gives you the calcium. One day of sunbathing (with no sunscreen or a low SPF one if you really have to) will give you all the D vitamin you need. And so on ... you can get all the vitamins you need naturally, mostly from the food you eat.

Looks like the vitamins have the same effect as praying, but prayers are free (if you don't have to pay your church any dues).

Better start doing something useful: like NOT watching idiotic shows about vampires, 11th Hour, The Mentalist, Medium, or Fringe. Jeeezus!

READ ABOUT IT HERE (Full article in New York Times)

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