Nov 1, 2008

Wynton Hall (Of Shame)

Young and smarter than anyone else. Wynton Hall already knows that

"should Mr. Obama lose the election or win it with narrower than expected margins, we can be sure that those in the mainstream media and Mr. Obama’s supporters (one in the same, really) will ignore the Spiral of Silence in favor of the so-called “Bradley Effect.” (article here)

Cocky. And wrong. Just like Bush.

The republican party voted Bush over McCain in 2000, Bush over Gore same year, Bush over Kerry in 2004. After 8 nightmarish years of incredibly incompetent "neoconservative" leadership and with the economy bleeding to death, Americans are ready to give the boot to the GOP offering, especially when the stuff looks and feels fake and stale.

Spiral Of Silence? Yeah, it worked in my former country - under communists. It worked in the USA immediately after 9/11 (people losing their jobs just because they expressed opinions contrary to the mainstream - remember the vicious GOP attack machine?).

But come on. If we had a cabbage head sitting in the White House for the last 8 years (literally doing nothing (:-)) our country would have avoided at least an unnecessary war in Iraq and the infamous Abu Ghraib scandal. Maybe the handling of the Katrina by the administration would have been the same (:-). Not sure about Abramoff, Rumsfeld, Cunningham, Stevens, the gay in the airport restroom, the famous "moral values" preacher paying for gay sex, and all the other hypocrites making up a good chunk of the GOP.

If Obama does not win, or if he wins with a narrower margin than expected, it is only due to the REPUBLICAN SMEAR MACHINE that - believe it or not - CAN TRANSFORM NORMAL AMERICANS IN ZOMBIES LIKE THESE.

And don't get me started again on the economy - my previously good looking pension has just performed a quick disappearing act - I have nothing left. Thank you, moral values people. Thank you, neoconservatives. Thank you, Georgie. And thank you John for voting 90% with that clown BUT NO THANKS! We don't need any other empty-headed bimbo in high office. We had enough.
One note: I have to give Wynton what's his: he gets paid for his "conservative" writings. I am a volunteer with an anti-phony streak. The free market at work ... maybe Hall is not a bad guy ... maybe he must write all that worthless stuff in order to get his monthly check. Maybe he does not know anything else beside writing ... like how to create/make something that it is actually useful. Suggestion: picking up the litter after a GOP rally.

And get this:

"Wiley signed Wynton Hall for his fourth book, "The Right Words: Great Republican Speeches that Shaped History" (2007)." (from his bio)

This is a must-have book for all late-night comedians out there since it probably contains some of GW "Nukelar" Bush's speeches that "shaped" our recent history into a nightmare.

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