Nov 17, 2008

Save Huge With USPS Vs FedEx and UPS

For next day delivery, the U.S. Postal Service prices are as much as 281 percent cheaper than FedEx and UPS.

You must be a GM executive (or Goldman, Citi, Bear Stearn, AIG, etc imbecile) to use UPS or FedEx when USPS is up to 281% less expensive for same service.

Oh, don't you love the free market?

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Valarie said...

I do not believe you need to be a GM executive to ship FedEx. FedEx offers a variety of volumn discounts. and For DHL customer, FedEx is providing them an awesome rate to switch to FedEx- Additionally, the post offer does not offer package tracking visibility, automation, and more. If you are a small business, FedEx can make shipping affordable for the mom and pop shopts.