Nov 17, 2008

Arianna Huffington Pays For Her Sushi With Stupid Weight Loss Ads used to be a place where brain owners could go and read articles that actually make sense and write opinions in whole sentences ... a place where they would not feel like endangered species in a country where George W Bush and Sarah Palin were torturing the English language.

But lately that special place is little by little becoming just another of those web sites where commercial ads for suckers are popping up every two paragraphs, trying to sell you erection enhancing vitamins or quick weight loss potions.

Please, show me ONE of readers who would ever think about clicking on the stupid ad above left. Yeah, that disgusting ad targeting the brainless and the desperate was shown on Arianna Huffington's web site on the front page and on Arianna's blog.
Little Jennie, she only wants to tell you how she lost 36 pounds in 3 months, nothing else ...
Arianna, please do something about your GoogleAds program, it is really bringing the site down to the level of those AM talk shows with their Viagra ads every 10 minutes.

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