Nov 18, 2008

Jeffrey Norris, S.E.C. Lawyer And George W Bush Adulator

From the email sent by Jeffrey Norris, S.E.C. lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas to Mr. Cuban:

"If someone else is the victim of an absurd conspiracy theory, you defend your right to participate in smearing the good name of a patriot like President Bush. But, when you are the subject of a parody of the attack you have endorsed, you suddenly issue threats."


Chairman Cox here, chairman Cox there, Jeffrey is using chairman Cox as a form of intimidation, although if chairman Mao would have been mentioned the effect would have been much, much greater.

John Nester, an S.E.C. spokesman, said that the investigation was conducted by the S.E.C.’s Washington office, and that Mr. Norris was not involved in it. He added:
“Chairman Cox has never met the individual who corresponded with Mr. Cuban, nor has he spoken or corresponded with him in any way. After those communications came to light, the matter was referred for disciplinary action against the individual. To avoid any potential appearance issues, Chairman Cox recused himself from the Commission vote, and he has not been involved in this investigation at any time.”

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