Oct 31, 2008

Obama Campaign Money = Half The American Economy

Just joking. In fact it is not even my joke. It is from a Ney York Times article written by Gail Collins. Funny reading, perfect for the Saturday-before-the-election.

If you want to lighten up, here it is.

McCain's Devolution

There is an article on BBC News site titled "McCain's evolution". But if you read it carefully, you'd get to the same conclusion: the title should be "McCain's Devolution". I bet that the author ( Matt Frei ) is a conservative of sorts ... and an admirer of GW "The Disaster" Bush.

Just to get a taste of the article: "So Mr McCain went to the other extreme and chose a pit-bull with lipstick." Haaaaa haaa haaaa ... pit-bull? Rather an empty-headed bimbo playing beauty contest tricks (see the now famous winking). But hey, Matt Frei is entitled to his tastes ... if he only would spare us the "Obama was frozen like a moose caught in Governor Palin's cross hairs".


Peter Wehner, a Loser

I don't know Peter Wehner. I have never heard his name until today, while scanning the news on the BBC web site. The title of an article posted there grabbed my attention: Viewpoint: The case against Obama.

You can read the article here if you want. But here is the funny fact: Peter Wehner is a former deputy assistant to President Bush.

Probably that explains why this president has the lowest approval rate EVER! With such narrow-minded assistants, no wonder that the country is in its worst shape in decades.

Probably this guy advised the president during Katrina. He probably recommended invading Iraq just for fun (they - the neocons - call it "projecting the American power around the world").

Maybe he gave the economic advice that led to a an unprecedented socialist purchase by the American government of bad assets from private banks with SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS OF PUBLIC MONEY.

Or maybe he was the assistant who helped Bush make sure that the radical Hamas gets the power through democratic elections in the Palestinian parliamentary elections.

What about him being the speech trainer behind the awful public speaking skills demonstrated by GW Bush?

This is just a small sample of worthless "expert" opinion from Wehner (from the article):

"In fact, Senator Obama has been judged by the non-partisan National Journal as the most liberal member of the Senate."

Non-partisan? National Journal? What is he talking about? This Wehner is now paid by guess who? The Ethics and Public Policy Center, a "socially-conservative" group. To get you an idea about the group, the clueless Rick Santorum is also a member of it. Enough said.

Whatever assistance Peter Wehner provided to the worst American president in modern history, the fact that he is a former speaks a lot.

The case against Obama? As I said in another post, the republican party can have Jesus and Mother Teresa on the ticket and still I would not vote for them, period.



Palin Destroys 5 Colleges

Most of the times, universities and colleges in the United States are proud to highlight the names of high ranking public servants and other famous people who graduated from their benches.

In Sarah Palin's case, there are 5 (five) colleges that probably lost status in the eye of public opinion. Yes, that's right! She jumped from college to college at least once every year ... no wonder she sounds like an empty-headed bimbo at a beauty contest when asked common sense questions.

I would be really curious to read her first college application - would bet that somebody else wrote it for her (unless the college that admited her first is giving out diplomas for a fee).

McCain's 2nd Day As President


My fellow citizens,

This is an extremely urgent state of the union address. As a candidate, I promised you that if you vote for me I will bring more and better change than the change promised by my oponent, Barrack Obama.

Yesterday was a roller coaster day for me. I was officially seated - by my assistants - at the desk in the Oval Office (which by the way gives me the creeps) and let me tell you this: it is a fine desk (wink), too bad that I am sooo damn old!

Since all my people were outside looking for Sarah's kids, it was impossible for me to get up and go to bed (I tried to stay awake until 7PM, usually I hit the pillow at 6:30PM). You all know that since November 4th my arthritis has been acting up ... that bitch (the arthritis). It's good that Sarah is a good natured, folksy woman - she helps me a lot getting around this huge place and she gives me good advice too, like when she suggested that we bring some caribou to roam the front lawn.

Anyway, since I was stuck at the desk I took a look at the papers left in a drawer by my predecessor (by the way, it was full of pretzel crumbs and pieces).

Jeeesus! Freaky stuff - economic indicators, financial forecasts, international political estimates.

I have decided to talk directly to you about the grave situation our country is in.

The guy who just left this house f****d us up, man! It blew my mind (not that it needed any blowing after my hospital stay last month).

My fellow citizens, we are in a big s**t. It took 8 long years and hard work, but little Georgie has proved himself in the end. I mean ... it is not an easy task to be a Republican president and use public money to buy bad assets from the Wall Street boys. Or it is? Whatever ...

Anyway, where was I?

(Long break ... McCain blinks a lot ... disoriented ...looks left, right, left ...)

Where am I?

(some people come to his side and shout into his ear - you're the president, sir! etc)

And so on ... you get the idea.
Maybe it would be good for SNL or Stewart.

Oct 30, 2008

Trust The Army PR?

1. Ever wondered how many of the infamous Abu Ghraib soldiers would have returned to their hometowns as heroes, if not for the leaking of those abject photos against the Army's efforts to keep them under wraps?

2. Military Hid the Truth of Friendly Fire That Killed Pat Tillman

3. Private Lynch was captured when her convoy became lost in An Nasariyah, Iraq, on March 23, 2003. Following her release, the Defense Department disseminated an account of her capture and rescue that turned out to be inaccurate and misleading.

Poor soldier ... it really hurts!

I have just watched the YouTube video clip titled "Dear Mr. Obama". The owner of the YouTube account where the clip is posted says:

"We have over 700 comments posted now, and approving each one has been laborous and intersting."

" I promised this man's father I would ensure that no disrepectful posts would be approved. I have kept my word."

A note: the writer needs to improve his/her spelling - see laborous instead of laborious, intersting instead of interesting, disrepectful instead of disrespectful in just 2 or 3 lines. I wonder if weneedmccain (it seems that the soldier in video is not the same with weneedmccain, the apparent owner of the YouTube account) is one of those "patriots" chanting USA! USA! and asking immigrants to learn English while they skipped most of the language classes in middle school. BTW, I know that my grammar is not perfect either - please let me know if you find any mistakes in my post.

Watching the young Iraq veteran departing from the camera, I am really sad to see that he lost the lower half of his left leg in an unnecessary war. His life will be probably very difficult. Even sadder, he still does not understand the single big issue regarding the Iraq war: no reasonable person (democrat, independent or republican) is against freedom for all the nations in the world, come on!

You must be either blinded by a miserable partisanship (I suspect this is the case here), or really stupid to not understand that the real issue is THE WAY our failure-in-chief took our country to an expensive war of choice - and I will not address here the absolutely abysmal incompetence shown during the prosecution of it.

U.N., Germany, France, Clinton administration ... all had the same intel on Iraq and chose not to attack that country because a war did not make any sense - and they were right! There was absolutely no reason to start another war with Iraq, a country that barely kept afloat under the heavy international sanctions.

To keep it simple, let's imagine that Bush told the American people something like this: My fellow Americans, I feel in my guts that we must go to war right now to bring freedom to the Iraqi people - we have heard some really nasty stuff about the way his sons are treating ordinary Iraqi citizens. Plus they have a lot of oil and Cheney tells me that we need that.

Probably 100% of the American population would have asked the president something like this: but why only Iraq? Let's bring freedom to N Korea, Sudan and a few more African countries, and all those -stan countries in Asia. Think about it: more people die violently in Africa in a day than in Saddam's Iraq in a year! Let's free the world! USA! USA!

Just joking ... of course the American people would not have approved sending the American army in a global mission to bring freedom everywhere - not because they don't want to, but because it is practically impossible for any single nation (even if that nation is USA) to sustain such a huge effort. Just look at the huge amount of money and lives wasted in Iraq and that country is still in shambles AFTER 5 LONG YEARS! Remember the extremely successful first Gulf war - prosecuted by smart people and with comprehensive international support?

The American people feel that they were misled by an unqualified president who wanted - more than anything - to prove himself, to be seen by future generations as the savior of the world at any price, even at the expense of this great nation.

Again, no one is against bringing freedom to all the places that need it. Americans are against incompetents like Bush, Mike "Heck Of A Job" Brown, and Rumsfeld. And against crooks like Cunningham, Abramoff, and Stevens. And against a republican administration that uses public money to spread the wealth among the fat cats of Wall Street to the tune of SEVEN HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS - in fact a socialist-like state intervention in a "self-regulating" free market run amok. The trickle-down-economy theory along with its promoter, a republican tax-increase president called Ronald "Read My Lips" Reagan, are going down the tubes ... you know which ones.

Americans are also against (after enduring 8 miserable years of institutionalized incompetence) installing a winking, empty-headed, 2-nd place beauty contest finalist in the office of the vice president.

Young man: I know it hurts, but the truth is, you did not have to live the rest of your life without a leg. The war in Iraq was totally unnecessary for the security of the United States. On the contrary, it made it easier for the radical islam to recruit new followers. And think about the tens of thousands of Iraqi children, women, and innocent men who died as a result of this misguided war.

Hope you all the best, you honorably did what you were asked to do. Too bad that you will not be able to fight for our country if/when a real danger actually threatens it.

If my tone sounds a little bit harsh, please forgive me - I am just another American fed up with phony election-time issues.

Workers' Union & The Secret Vote

I know that without unions workers get squeezed like sponges. I also know that unions have a bad reputation after being infiltrated by mobsters/mafia.

After reading carefully the materials available on the AFL-CIO web site I still do not understand how a secret vote would harm worker's right to form a union.

It seems to me that in fact it would only harm the power of the union leaders over their members. But I might be wrong - if you have a simple example to illustrate how this works (even a fictional one), please illuminate me.

Not An Aussie And Happy

Australia will implement an Internet censorship system. Austria jails a historian. Yeah, the guy questioned the Holocaust facts, but what's next: arrested for criticizing the government officials? It's his opinion, for God's sake (if there is a God out there). Not his fault that there are idiots who are ready to believe anything thrown at them.

That's why I am happy to finally be an American citizen. In my opinion, there is no better governing system than the American one, with its freedom of speech and separation of powers. Not perfect, but still the best.

American Economy Shrinks Like ...

... George's. No, not George Bush. The other one, George Constanza from the Seinfeld show.

Returning to the Bush administration, it has done everything during the past 8 years to keep the housing market bubbling - it was the only way to mask its utter economic incompetence.

Now the US economy is halfway to the standard definition of a recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative growth.

Worried about their place in history, the Bushies probably hoped to keep everything on life support and pass the vegetable to the next presidential team. Now that the bubble has burst and the economy is in an out-of-control downward spiral, here is the solution that the current republican administration came up with: a SOCIALIST purchase of bad assets from private institutions using public money!

Spreading the public wealth among the Wall Street fat cats - way to go, Georgie!

Ted "7-Felony" Stevens of Alaska

“We need Ted.”

To get an idea of how messed up the people of Alaska are, consider this:

Ted Stevens, the republican senator recently convicted on seven felony counts (now waiting for his sentence) receives a hero's welcome in Palin's state.

Now we understand why Sarah was seen as a good pick by McCain: in Bush's f****d-up America. An airheaded beauty contest bimbo wearing $150,000 fashion items while pretending to "connect" with Joe 6-pack and Jane-the-waitress is quite the perfect candidate for the position of vicepresident of the (so far) most powerful nation on Earth.

Spend On Visa, It's Free!

Do you have credit cards? The balance is less than the available credit? This is the time to enjoy free money - go ahead, indulge yourself. Spend on credit like there is no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow and it comes with debt forgiveness - up to 40% of it.

In other words, for every $100 of credit card money you spend, you'll only have to pay back $60. To qualify, you must be heavily in debt, so make sure you don't lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Better than communism. Maybe we are already in the United Heavens of America?

Read more about this.

The Winking Bimbo

Did Sarah just winked at me? At you? The last time a woman winked at me, it was in a strip club in Las Vegas. What's next, pole dancing?
"All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years." --Sarah Palin, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008

Enemy Of The State

Isn't it ironic that if a foreigner would have somehow devised a plan to bring the American economy to its knees (not to mention the unnecessary war in Iraq with its over 4,000 dead American soldiers), the guy would have been designated ENEMY OF THE STATE?

But because it was the president who did that (not intentionally, but a direct result of his incompetence and carelessness), he will just slip away to his place in history, whatever that place may be (not hard to imagine though).

Palin Hood (or Alaskan Socialism)

A female version of Robin Hood: Take from the wealthy (oil companies) and give to the poor (most residents of Alaska). Not only cash, but a lot of other social and community-oriented services.

Not that I have anything against it. But this woman calls Obama a "wealth redistributor" ?

Read more.

An Immigrant's Vote

As an alien living legally in the U.S.A. for the last 15 years (that's how long it took to navigate the legal process of becoming a naturalized citizen of this country), I can easily divide my life here in two distinct parts: the good life under the Clinton administration and the awful experience during the Bush nightmare.

The incompetent-in-chief took a record surplus budget from the democratic president and, with perseverance and hard work, turned it into the largest budget deficit this country has ever seen. It took a while, but with help from his party Bush was actually able to implement SOCIALIST measures into the dying "self-regulating free market". Bush Sr. must be very proud of his son.

I could go for days mentioning all the surreal elements making up probably the most incompetent American administration in modern history (at least Nixon resigned and LBJ had the decency to not seek the reelection).

Remember the way Bush's people treated McCain in the 2000 GOP primary? Or Dick Cheney, the guy in charge of the GOP search committee for a VP - yeah, the one who found himself to be the best pick. What about the decision of a high court to name the president of the USA - a first in the history of this country ... and a taste of what was going to follow.

Under his watch on 9/11, a band of fourth-world imbeciles with box cutters attacked the Pentagon, America's symbol of military might and destroyed the Twin Towers, the center of the American financial power. And almost 3,000 lives were lost.

Bin Laden is still free.

Another 4,000+ Americans sent to Iraq are dead. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children have lost their lives (I guess the cowboy-in-chief did not ask them if they were willing to die in order to see how the American power projection looks like).

Mission accomplished. Michael "Heck of a job" Brown. Katrina. Abramoff. Cunningham. Abu Ghraib. Biggest bankruptcy in history. Biggest bailout in history. Public money to buy bad assets from private banks (where I come from, they called it socialism).

The republicans could ask Jesus and Mother Teresa to run on their ticket - I VOTE OBAMA!

Oct 29, 2008

Party Shopping

Soon after becoming a brand new citizen of the United States of America at the beginning of 2007, I've started thinking about ways to become involved in the political process. I simply could not stand to see my new country being pushed over the cliff by an incompetent republican administration, therefore my first reaction was to contemplate joining the democratic party.

But there was a small problem: growing up under a communist regime, I have a deeply seated aversion toward extreme leftist ideas, especially coming from people who have never experienced the real thing. On the paper they look appealing - in the real world, those ideas do not work.

I will remain an independent for the rest of my life, since joining a party can bring an unhealthy, team supporter mentality: just look at those who will still vote for the GOP candidate after 6 abysmal years of total republican control over this formerly-prosperous country. I will never vote a straight party ticket - both the republicans and the democrats have their crooks.

But I really hope that the democrats will win in 2008 all the necessary seats in Congress and the one in the White House so that the changes needed to put the country back on the path to recovery can be implemented quickly. And when the democratic party will lose its way and the GOP will come to its senses, my vote will go to the the ones who deserve my trust.

If there is a God out there, GOD BLESS US ALL and keep those who voted three times (see my other posts) for Bush from the voting booths.

Two-Term McCain

Knowing Karl Rove's tricks, it is somehow understandable how some people could have been led to believe that Bush was a better choice than McCain in 2000. But after that first term, when it was already o b v i o u s that GWB was a phony, it puzzles me that so many people still voted for this failure.

Just imagine the year 2000 with a different outcome: McCain is elected president and Bush gets the boot! It is hard to believe that a two-term McCain presidency would have brought as much destruction to the very fabric of this country as Bush's reign did.

I liked McCain in 2000, I viewed him as one of the republicans who could do much good for his country. Unfortunately, look at what a few years can do to an old man ...

McCain for president 2008: eight miserable years too late!

Three Times Wrong

Hard to believe that most republicans voted for Bush over McCain in the 2000 GOP primary, then voted for Bush over Al Gore in the 2000 presidential elections, then voted for Bush over Kerry in the 2004 presidential elections and now, after their totally flawed judgment proved to be so disastrous for this country, the same republicans are trying to shove down our throats ... McCain!

If they are really the patriots they claim to be at the GOP conventions, what about taking a break and think about the situation: when a member of a family makes three bad decisions in a row leading to bankruptcy, it is only decent and reasonable to stop making decisions that affect the family as a whole, at least for a while.

I know that there are many republicans who are decent and reasonable.

Science explains Bush

According to a recent study, drinking alcohol leads to a shrunken brain.

Considering the damaged country he leaves behind, I can imagine only one question in reader's mind: did Bush stop drinking way too late?