Oct 30, 2008

An Immigrant's Vote

As an alien living legally in the U.S.A. for the last 15 years (that's how long it took to navigate the legal process of becoming a naturalized citizen of this country), I can easily divide my life here in two distinct parts: the good life under the Clinton administration and the awful experience during the Bush nightmare.

The incompetent-in-chief took a record surplus budget from the democratic president and, with perseverance and hard work, turned it into the largest budget deficit this country has ever seen. It took a while, but with help from his party Bush was actually able to implement SOCIALIST measures into the dying "self-regulating free market". Bush Sr. must be very proud of his son.

I could go for days mentioning all the surreal elements making up probably the most incompetent American administration in modern history (at least Nixon resigned and LBJ had the decency to not seek the reelection).

Remember the way Bush's people treated McCain in the 2000 GOP primary? Or Dick Cheney, the guy in charge of the GOP search committee for a VP - yeah, the one who found himself to be the best pick. What about the decision of a high court to name the president of the USA - a first in the history of this country ... and a taste of what was going to follow.

Under his watch on 9/11, a band of fourth-world imbeciles with box cutters attacked the Pentagon, America's symbol of military might and destroyed the Twin Towers, the center of the American financial power. And almost 3,000 lives were lost.

Bin Laden is still free.

Another 4,000+ Americans sent to Iraq are dead. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children have lost their lives (I guess the cowboy-in-chief did not ask them if they were willing to die in order to see how the American power projection looks like).

Mission accomplished. Michael "Heck of a job" Brown. Katrina. Abramoff. Cunningham. Abu Ghraib. Biggest bankruptcy in history. Biggest bailout in history. Public money to buy bad assets from private banks (where I come from, they called it socialism).

The republicans could ask Jesus and Mother Teresa to run on their ticket - I VOTE OBAMA!

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