Oct 29, 2008

Party Shopping

Soon after becoming a brand new citizen of the United States of America at the beginning of 2007, I've started thinking about ways to become involved in the political process. I simply could not stand to see my new country being pushed over the cliff by an incompetent republican administration, therefore my first reaction was to contemplate joining the democratic party.

But there was a small problem: growing up under a communist regime, I have a deeply seated aversion toward extreme leftist ideas, especially coming from people who have never experienced the real thing. On the paper they look appealing - in the real world, those ideas do not work.

I will remain an independent for the rest of my life, since joining a party can bring an unhealthy, team supporter mentality: just look at those who will still vote for the GOP candidate after 6 abysmal years of total republican control over this formerly-prosperous country. I will never vote a straight party ticket - both the republicans and the democrats have their crooks.

But I really hope that the democrats will win in 2008 all the necessary seats in Congress and the one in the White House so that the changes needed to put the country back on the path to recovery can be implemented quickly. And when the democratic party will lose its way and the GOP will come to its senses, my vote will go to the the ones who deserve my trust.

If there is a God out there, GOD BLESS US ALL and keep those who voted three times (see my other posts) for Bush from the voting booths.

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