Oct 29, 2008

Two-Term McCain

Knowing Karl Rove's tricks, it is somehow understandable how some people could have been led to believe that Bush was a better choice than McCain in 2000. But after that first term, when it was already o b v i o u s that GWB was a phony, it puzzles me that so many people still voted for this failure.

Just imagine the year 2000 with a different outcome: McCain is elected president and Bush gets the boot! It is hard to believe that a two-term McCain presidency would have brought as much destruction to the very fabric of this country as Bush's reign did.

I liked McCain in 2000, I viewed him as one of the republicans who could do much good for his country. Unfortunately, look at what a few years can do to an old man ...

McCain for president 2008: eight miserable years too late!

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