Oct 31, 2008

Peter Wehner, a Loser

I don't know Peter Wehner. I have never heard his name until today, while scanning the news on the BBC web site. The title of an article posted there grabbed my attention: Viewpoint: The case against Obama.

You can read the article here if you want. But here is the funny fact: Peter Wehner is a former deputy assistant to President Bush.

Probably that explains why this president has the lowest approval rate EVER! With such narrow-minded assistants, no wonder that the country is in its worst shape in decades.

Probably this guy advised the president during Katrina. He probably recommended invading Iraq just for fun (they - the neocons - call it "projecting the American power around the world").

Maybe he gave the economic advice that led to a an unprecedented socialist purchase by the American government of bad assets from private banks with SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS OF PUBLIC MONEY.

Or maybe he was the assistant who helped Bush make sure that the radical Hamas gets the power through democratic elections in the Palestinian parliamentary elections.

What about him being the speech trainer behind the awful public speaking skills demonstrated by GW Bush?

This is just a small sample of worthless "expert" opinion from Wehner (from the article):

"In fact, Senator Obama has been judged by the non-partisan National Journal as the most liberal member of the Senate."

Non-partisan? National Journal? What is he talking about? This Wehner is now paid by guess who? The Ethics and Public Policy Center, a "socially-conservative" group. To get you an idea about the group, the clueless Rick Santorum is also a member of it. Enough said.

Whatever assistance Peter Wehner provided to the worst American president in modern history, the fact that he is a former speaks a lot.

The case against Obama? As I said in another post, the republican party can have Jesus and Mother Teresa on the ticket and still I would not vote for them, period.

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