Oct 30, 2008

Poor soldier ... it really hurts!

I have just watched the YouTube video clip titled "Dear Mr. Obama". The owner of the YouTube account where the clip is posted says:

"We have over 700 comments posted now, and approving each one has been laborous and intersting."

" I promised this man's father I would ensure that no disrepectful posts would be approved. I have kept my word."

A note: the writer needs to improve his/her spelling - see laborous instead of laborious, intersting instead of interesting, disrepectful instead of disrespectful in just 2 or 3 lines. I wonder if weneedmccain (it seems that the soldier in video is not the same with weneedmccain, the apparent owner of the YouTube account) is one of those "patriots" chanting USA! USA! and asking immigrants to learn English while they skipped most of the language classes in middle school. BTW, I know that my grammar is not perfect either - please let me know if you find any mistakes in my post.

Watching the young Iraq veteran departing from the camera, I am really sad to see that he lost the lower half of his left leg in an unnecessary war. His life will be probably very difficult. Even sadder, he still does not understand the single big issue regarding the Iraq war: no reasonable person (democrat, independent or republican) is against freedom for all the nations in the world, come on!

You must be either blinded by a miserable partisanship (I suspect this is the case here), or really stupid to not understand that the real issue is THE WAY our failure-in-chief took our country to an expensive war of choice - and I will not address here the absolutely abysmal incompetence shown during the prosecution of it.

U.N., Germany, France, Clinton administration ... all had the same intel on Iraq and chose not to attack that country because a war did not make any sense - and they were right! There was absolutely no reason to start another war with Iraq, a country that barely kept afloat under the heavy international sanctions.

To keep it simple, let's imagine that Bush told the American people something like this: My fellow Americans, I feel in my guts that we must go to war right now to bring freedom to the Iraqi people - we have heard some really nasty stuff about the way his sons are treating ordinary Iraqi citizens. Plus they have a lot of oil and Cheney tells me that we need that.

Probably 100% of the American population would have asked the president something like this: but why only Iraq? Let's bring freedom to N Korea, Sudan and a few more African countries, and all those -stan countries in Asia. Think about it: more people die violently in Africa in a day than in Saddam's Iraq in a year! Let's free the world! USA! USA!

Just joking ... of course the American people would not have approved sending the American army in a global mission to bring freedom everywhere - not because they don't want to, but because it is practically impossible for any single nation (even if that nation is USA) to sustain such a huge effort. Just look at the huge amount of money and lives wasted in Iraq and that country is still in shambles AFTER 5 LONG YEARS! Remember the extremely successful first Gulf war - prosecuted by smart people and with comprehensive international support?

The American people feel that they were misled by an unqualified president who wanted - more than anything - to prove himself, to be seen by future generations as the savior of the world at any price, even at the expense of this great nation.

Again, no one is against bringing freedom to all the places that need it. Americans are against incompetents like Bush, Mike "Heck Of A Job" Brown, and Rumsfeld. And against crooks like Cunningham, Abramoff, and Stevens. And against a republican administration that uses public money to spread the wealth among the fat cats of Wall Street to the tune of SEVEN HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS - in fact a socialist-like state intervention in a "self-regulating" free market run amok. The trickle-down-economy theory along with its promoter, a republican tax-increase president called Ronald "Read My Lips" Reagan, are going down the tubes ... you know which ones.

Americans are also against (after enduring 8 miserable years of institutionalized incompetence) installing a winking, empty-headed, 2-nd place beauty contest finalist in the office of the vice president.

Young man: I know it hurts, but the truth is, you did not have to live the rest of your life without a leg. The war in Iraq was totally unnecessary for the security of the United States. On the contrary, it made it easier for the radical islam to recruit new followers. And think about the tens of thousands of Iraqi children, women, and innocent men who died as a result of this misguided war.

Hope you all the best, you honorably did what you were asked to do. Too bad that you will not be able to fight for our country if/when a real danger actually threatens it.

If my tone sounds a little bit harsh, please forgive me - I am just another American fed up with phony election-time issues.

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