Nov 5, 2008

Moonlighting Arkansas Republican Policeman Breaks Obama Victory Party

Not unexpected in a state that voted almost 60% for the republican ticket (you know, that old granpa guy with the airheaded, beauty contest bimbo) AFTER EIGHT LONG AND MISERABLE YEARS OF ABYSMAL REPUBLICAN INCOMPETENCE BROUGHT THIS COUNTRY TO ITS KNEES.

Not to mention the cherry on the cake: A republican president using PUBLIC money to buy worthless / toxic assets from PRIVATE Wall Street banks - talk about socialism! Stalin would not have done it better.

"An off-duty officer moonlighting as a security guard for the apartment complex asked those who had gathered to go home, then called for help, she said." (from, read entire article here)

That state looks like old U.S.S.R. to me ... the Grand Ole KillJoy Party.

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