Nov 3, 2008

Clean Coal and Flying Pigs

If you believe that "clean coal" really exists, there is one thing you should do as soon as possible:
Go back and finish the elementary school!

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"The most authoritative study, The Future of Coal published last year by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), concluded that the first commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant wouldn't come on stream until 2030 at the earliest.
Last year too, the Edison Electric Institute, which represents most US power generators, admitted to a House Select Committee in Washington DC that commercial deployment will require 25 years research costing at least $20bn.
And that was before the US administration last December canned the biggest R&D project on the technology anywhere in the world. It said it was too costly and hinted that, for all their green talk, industry wasn't prepared to back it." Read more at

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