Nov 18, 2008

Ford Motor Company, CEO Alan Mulally: Public Money Or Else

Ford Motor Company, manufacturer of low quality moving mounds of metal known as Ford vehicles, thinks that you, the taxpayer, are stupid.

These boneheads fought for years any efforts to increase fuel economy standards, they promoted monstrosities like the Hummer, inefficient SUVs and pickups as demand for foreign oil increased daily, and manufactured junk cars while Toyota and Honda invested billions in efficient cars (see Toyota Prius).

He basically says that no, Ford did not cause its own problems by being an incompetent and arrogant bunch of lazy thinkers ... and that bailing out Detroit was essential to the U.S. economic recovery. In other words, more billions of public money for a company that proved to be a total business failure. Otherwise, America will lose another gigantic icon of abysmal ineptitude and now that Bush is gone we can not risk that.

Ford CEO Mulally: "we have been there on the fuel efficiency from day one, and it's been part of Bill Ford's original vision of sustainability and energy efficiency and being better environmentally concerned."

Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa!


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