Nov 2, 2008

Republican Incompetent: $500 Billion MORE DEFICIT In A Single Month!

Is there any way to install the new president, whoever is the winner on November 4th, the next day?

This country really needs to get rid of the current vegetable-in-chief before we lose our shirts.

"Never before in U.S. history has the national debt increased as much and as rapidly as it has over the past month. Since September 30, the day the national debt hit the $10-trillion mark for the first time, the government has run up over $500 billion in new debt. That’s more than the federal deficit for the entire 2008 fiscal year, which ended September 30. And it’s the most rapid increase in the national debt ever: over half a trillion dollars in less than a month - 23 days to be exact."

"On the day President Bush was sworn in, the debt stood at $5.7 trillion. Less than eight years later, the it’s within days of having swelled $5 trillion dollars on his watch - an embarrassing milestone for a president who considers himself a conservative and an advocate of fiscal discipline. "

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