Nov 3, 2008

From Record Surplus To Record Deficit: Republicans At Work

A mediocre guy on the GOP presidential ticket promising smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and no place for "nation building" in the foreign policy of the United States of America.

Eight abysmal years later, after republicans have voted three times for the same failure-in-chief (see my other posts regarding the triple vote), our country is in the middle of a nightmare.

Just a few of the many "accomplishments" of the most incompetent American administration in the modern history:

Kingston, Sandisk, Viewsonic, Canon, Toshiba

1. From record surplus (thank you, president Clinton) to the biggest ever deficit (thank you, president George W Bush).

2. The unbelievable use of PUBLIC MONEY ("just" $700 billion) by a republican administration to BUY WORTHLESS assets from PRIVATE BANKS. In other words, the transfer of wealth from our nation's purse to the pockets of greedy Wall Street fat cats. American SOCIALISM at its finest - by a Republican president!

3. The crash of housing market

4. Record gas prices - later brought down by the just announced RECESSION.

5. The utter incompetence shown during government's response to the Katrina disaster (Mike "Heck of a job" Brown, named FEMA chief by Bush based on Brown's background as president of the Arabian Horse Association).

6. Oh, by the way ... the unnecessary war in Iraq. And its management by a neocon poet named Rumsfeld.

7. Abramoff. Cunningham. Stevens.

And I will stop here because my blood pressure is rising again.

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